Strabonus was the king of Koth. He sent word for his ally Conan to come help the Kothians against Ophir. Conan, being Strabonus' ally, came to help him out with five thousand knights, only to find the forces of Koth and Ophir united against him. The Aquilonians did not flee, but went straight on to attack the hosts. The knights were outnumbered, and without the support of archers and infantry they had no chance against the arrows of the Shemitish archers. Conan was captured and taken to Khorshemish, the capital of Koth. There they offered Conan gold and freedom in exchange for him resigning from his throne in favor of Prince Arpello, but Conan refused and was thrown into the Halls of Horror.

Strabonus, together with Amalrus, the king of Ophir and Tsotha-lanti, a Kothian wizard they marched towards the city of Shamar in Aquilonia. While they were sieging Shamar, Conan managed to escape his captivity, and through the help of the wizard Pelias, return to Tamar to raise an army and march to meet the invaders. In the ensuing battle, Strabonus was killed by Conan himself.

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