Spider Caverns

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Spider Caverns is a solo Dungeon located in the Conall's Valley region of Cimmeria.

Spider Caverns
Level 28-30
Region Cimmeria
Zone Conall's Valley

End Boss Lurking Horror
Player Limit 1

Quests Edit

Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
A Rare Delicacy Kaen Conarch Village
The Gambler's Gambit Borcha Conarch Village
The Lurking Horror Gormley Conall's Valley
The Cimmerian's Axe Reinar Conall's Valley

Note for the quest The Gambler's Gambit

a geometry bug is currently affecting the retrieval of the pouch. A workaround for this bug is to exit the game in the alcove where the pouch is, reconnect, get the pouch (you will be able to get it after you reconnect) and then use Asura (don't try to move or you'll die under the world. You've been warned!)

Mobs Edit

Screenshots Edit

Instanced dungeon locations
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Cimmeria Conall's Valley Spider Caverns
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