Spells Edit

Name Description Level Mana
Cleanse Removes hostile buffs of the caster.
Reincarnate Revives someone with 10% HP/mana. 10 280
Wave of Life Heals all friendly entities 120 degrees in front of caster. 7Hp with 3hp sec 10 35

Rebuke (Rank 1) A fast casting Holy damage spell that can also deal splash damage to nearby targets. 07 14
Rebuke (Rank 2) A fast casting Holy damage spell that can also deal splash damage to nearby targets. 25 36
Rebuke (Rank 3) A fast casting Holy damage spell that can also deal splash damage to nearby targets. 40 51
Radiance Heals caster and nearby allies 15 68
Hand of Mitra makes caster immune to damage for a short time. 15 68
Imperil Places a debuff on foes in 20yrd radius for increased damage taken. 20 64
Reincarnate Revives allies with 20% health/mana. 20 280
Smite (Rank 2) Blasts enemy for 125-248 damage. 20 79
Shielding Litany Adds +10 defense to caster. 25 24
Divine Vigor (Rank 2) Adds 193Hp to party.
Condemn Condemn is a Priest of Mitra spell that stuns the target. 30 154
Hand of Mitra (Rank 2) Renders caster Invulnerable for a short time with -20% dmg for 6sec 30 206
Radiance (Rank 2) Heals Caster and team for 412-513. 30 108
Repulse (Rank 2) Deals 193-382 Dmg and knocks foes back. 30 0
Eye of Judgment Fears foe for 3sec 30 137
Devotional Prayer Makes all partymembers do an additional .8% holy dmg. 35 176
Emanation of Life (Rank 1) Places an heal over time on party. 05 9
Imperal Makes foe less resistant to holy dmg by 2% 35 92
Smite (Rank 3) Deals 167-331 holy dmg. 35 114
Sustaining Faith Renews casters mana. 186 every 1 sec for 6 sec. 35 0
Divine Justice Divine Justice is a Priest of Mitra Hostile spell.
Divine Vigor Increases the maximum health of the caster's party. 03 50
Eye of Judgment Eye of Judgment is a Priest of Mitra spell that causes enemies to flee in terror.
Imperil Deals holy damage to nearby enemies.
Repudiate An Area of Effect crowd control spell that hinders enemies movement.
Cleansing Fire Priest centered AoE spell that damages enemies in front of the priest.
Repulse AoE knockback on all targets surrounding the caster dealing a fair amount of damage.
Resurrection Brings a single target back to life. 30 250
Shroud of Purity Provides a good healing effect on allied players in a cone-shaped area-of-effect in front of the caster, while giving the priest receives a more moderate healing effect.
Smite (Rank 1) Deals direct Holy damage against a target. 01 20
Soul of Mitra Ignites the priest in holy fire, dealing damage to enemies around the caster and rendering them almost immune to physical damage while the effect lasts.

Archetype Spells


Class Spells

Mage NecromancerHerald of XotliDemonologist

Priest Bear ShamanPriest of MitraTempest of Set
Soldier ConquerorDark TemplarGuardian
Rogue BarbarianRangerAssassin

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