The Bear Shaman has the ability to mend wounds in a burst of healing with Fierce Recovery or by healing over time with Renewal and Blood Flow. A Green Heal refers to a smaller heal, a Blue Heal refers to a more powerful heal.

Icon Name Acquired Description
AoC Renewal-0
Renewal Level 6 The great shaman's next successful melee attack also places a moderate healing effect on their companions.

Renewal is the Bear Shaman's green heal.

AoC Bloodflow-0
Blood Flow Level 10 Places a powerful healing effect on friendly targets in a cone in front of the caster. It will also place a moderate healing effect on the caster.

Blood Flow is the Bear Shaman's blue heal.

AoC Fierce Recovery-0
Fierce Recovery Level 15 A powerful healing spell that affects the shaman and any nearby allies. Anyone aided by this spell cannot be affected by another Fierce Recovery spell for a short time.

Fierce Recovery is the Bear Shaman's big heal.


Claws are self cast long duration spells, which give the Bear Shaman's melee attacks a chance to curse their enemies.

Icon Name Acquired Description
AoC Claws of Stone-0
Claws of Stone Level 10 Grants a small amount of Armour, and the Bear Shaman's attacks also have a chance of cursing the target. Anyone attacking a cursed victim has a chance of gaining a small absorb effect, reducing damage taken.
AoC Claws of Corruption
Claws of Corruption Adds additional unholy damage to the Bear Shaman's attacks. Allies attacking cursed enemies may add unholy damage to their physical attacks.
AoC Claws of Life
Claws of Life Level 50


Increases the shaman's Health Regen and Protection. While active attacks have a chance of cursing the target. This curse has a chance of placing a minor secondary healing effect on the target's attackers.
AoC Claws of The Reaper
Claws of the Reaper Level 50


Causes the shaman's strikes to have a chance of inflicting a bleeding wound and increasing the damage done by the priest's own attacks. This damage bonus can stack up to 3 times. Any allies attacking the bleeding enemy have a chance of increasing their physical damage if they are under the effects of the Renewal spell.


Manifestations are self centered area effect spells. They provide temporary benefits to the shaman such as healing, mana regeneration and reducing damage taken, whilst also applying detrimental effects on their enemies such as increased damage taken or reduced healing. A Bear Shaman can only have one Manifestation running at a time. Additional effects called Visions are triggered when the shaman uses the Internal Bleed combo while a manifestation is active. Visions can grant bonuses to the shamans armour and protection or deal damage to their enemies.

Icon Name Acquired Description
AoC Manifestation of Spirits-0
Manifestation of Spirit Level 15 Reduces the damage dealt by all enemies around the shaman by 5%, in addtion to increasing the Mana Regeneration of the priest.

Vision: World Walker - The shaman's Internal Bleed combos inflict poisonous wounds on the enemy, then bursts into a large amount of unholy damage.

AoC Manifestation of Forest
Manifestation of the Forest Level 40


Causes enemies around the shaman to suffer 10% increased damage from physical attacks.

Vision: Tree of Life - The shaman's Internal Bleed combos increase the shaman's Armor gradually, then bursts into a larger Armor increase.

AoC Manifestation of Regrowth-0
Manifestation of Regrowth Level 40


Pulses a mild healing effect on allies around the shaman.

Vision: Spirit Ward - The shaman's Internal Bleed combos increase the shaman's Protection gradually, then bursts into a larger Protection increase.

AoC Manifestation of The Sun
Manifestation of the Sun Level 40


Reduces incoming heals by 10% on all enemies around the shaman and reduces the threat generated by the shamans attacks by 5%.

Vision: Desert Bloom - The shaman's Internal Bleed combos inflict burning wounds on the enemy, then bursts into a damage increase for the shaman.

Runes Edit

Runes are spells that grant significant benefits to the Shaman and their allies for a short period of time.

Icon Name Acquired Description
AoC Rune of Resistance-0
Rune of Resistance Level 35 Increases the Bear Shaman and his allies Protection against Electric spells and damage.
AoC Rune of Resilience-0
Rune of Resilience Level 75 Increases the Bear Shaman and his allies Protection to all forms of magical damage.
AoC Rune of Aggression
Rune of Aggression Level 30


Increases the damage done by all group members and gives the shaman's attacks a chance to reduce their foe's resistance to physical damage.
AoC Rune of Grounding
Rune of Grounding Level 30


Greatly increases the shaman's resistance to magical damage but also lowers their movement speed for the 15 seconds duration of the effect.

Friendly SpellsEdit

Icon Name Acquired Description
AoC Spirit of The Bear-0
Spirit of the Bear Level 15 The Bear Shaman inherits some of the bear's mighty endurance, raising their life with the distant roar of a bear and a burst of autumn leaves.
AoC Awakening-0
Awakening Level 15 This powerful prayer brings a single target back to life, although it only partially restores Health and Mana. Higher rank versions restore more Health and Mana. Requirement: Cannot be used in combat.
AoC Adrenaline Surge-0
Adrenaline Surge Level 35 Tapping into nature the Shaman gradually restores his Stamina and Mana reserves.
AoC Lycanthropic Bite-0
Lycanthropic Bite Level 80 Tapping into feral power the Bear Shaman's attacks drain the life of his foes to replenish his own.
AoC Stone Hide
Stone Hide Level 40


Reduces the damage inflicted by enemy attacks for 15 seconds.
AoC Iron Hide
Iron Hide Level 70


Protects the shaman from most sources of damage for 6 seconds. Damage absorbed while this effect is active increases the power of the shaman's attacks.

Hostile SpellsEdit

Icon Name Acquired Description
AoC Ursine Crush
Ursine Crush Level 20 Briefly stuns all hostile targets in the vicinity of the shaman.
AoC Booming Roar-0
Booming Roar Level 70


Summons a Companion Spirit and silences all foes near the target, interrupting combos in progress and preventing spell casting for a short period of time.

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