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Friendly AbilitiesEdit

Name Description Level Stamina
Poison Stance The assassin coats their melee weapons with toxic venom, adding bonus poison damage to every attack. Level n/a
Unholy Stance The assassin's successful melee attacks inflict additional unholy damage. Combos performed while in this stance have a chance of generating soul fragments. Level n/a


Name Description Level Stamina
Sweep This attack cuts a swath through enemies inflicting damage on multiple targets. 2 20
Slam Such is the power of this attack it knocks the target backwards. 4 22

Archetype Spells


Class Spells

Mage NecromancerHerald of XotliDemonologist

Priest Bear ShamanPriest of MitraTempest of Set
Soldier ConquerorDark TemplarGuardian
Rogue BarbarianRangerAssassin

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