Spell - Mark of the Devourer
Rank 0/5
15 points spent in this line

This spell curses the target, periodically inflicting a small amount of unholy damage. The necromancer periodically gains a small amount of health while this curse is active. Over time, the damage inflicted from this and all other active marks of the necromancer will gradually increase.

This is an extremely useful spell for long-duration fights. It has a quick cast time and a 2 second cooldown. The damage it does to an enemy is almost nonexistant so its primary purpose is healing.

It places a debuff on an enemy target that does a damage/healing ping roughly once every 3 seconds. For every healing ping recieved by the Necromancer an additional temporary stacking buff is activated; future health pings from a Mark of the Devourer are boosted by 10%. The buff lasts for approximately 10 seconds and is restarted with an additional stack when more health pings are recieved. Because this spell has a quick casting and cooldown time it would not be difficult to have multiple Marks active on several enemies. Only one mark can be active on an enemy at a time. If the mark is able to go for its entire 25+ second duration, the Necromancer will recieve a final large burst-heal over five times as strong as a regular health ping.

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