Here's a list of slash commands available in Age of Conan.

  • /afk
  • /anon
  • /bank
  • /born
  • /bugreport
Opens up a GUI for reporting bugs
  • /camp
Quits to login screen
  • /cc
/cc addbuddy <name> will add a character to your friends list when they are not online
  • /ch
  • /chsay
Allows you to say something to a specific channel IE: "/chsay ooc hi" will say to the OOC channel of the zone your in "hi".
  • /claim
Claiming your account bonuses when in-game. Bonuses apply to all characters on your account.
  • /emote
Typing /emote and then pressing TAB twice will bring up a list of possible emotes you can do.
For a full list see Emotes
  • /fhelp
  • /follow
  • /g
  • /gm
  • /group
  • /gu
Short for /guildsay
  • /guild
  • /guild leave
Guild commands, such as /guild invite for inviting a player to the guild.
  • /guildsay
Speak to your guild channel
  • /help
  • /heroicmode
  • /hide
  • /hotkey
  • /ignore
  • /invite
Invites a person to your group.
  • /items
  • /kick
  • /leave
  • /list
  • /logcombat
Use /logcombat on|off will turn your combat logging on or off.
  • /loot
  • /macro
  • /me
  • /name
  • /ooc
Speaks to the local area you are in pre-fixing what you say with <yourname> says OOC: .....
  • /org
  • /petition
Create a petition so that GMs can assist you where appropriate.
Additional usage available of '/petition status' to see the position in queue you are in and '/petition classes' to classify your petition appropriately.
  • /petition offline
Resume a Petition if you going Offline.
  • /played
  • /quit
  • /r
Replies to the last person to send you a /tell
  • /ra
  • /raid
  • /relodhotkeys
  • /reply
  • /s
  • /say
  • /script
  • /selectself
  • /setoption
The ability to set various options from command line instead of pressing F10 and going into your Video/Audio/Interface options etc.
Like /emote but the list is a lot bigger.
/setoption rendersetting_HideMyHelmet 1/0
  • /shout
  • /sit
  • /stand
  • /stuck
  • /t
  • /team
  • /tell
Use /tell <name> <message> to send a private message to someone. <name> must be capital. IE: /tell Jonesy <message>
  • /text
Makes text appear in your local chat box only, is not shown to anyone else.
  • /version
  • /w
  • /whisper

Also of note here, is that any file in your script folder will appear here as command also. For example, if you have a script called leetsauce.txt (or leetsauce.html or leetsauce) in your scripts folder, you'll have a command in this list under the l's called /leetsauce.txt (or /leetsauce.html or /leetsauce).

Links Edit

  • Scripts - For additional information on scripting in Age of Conan

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