General Information Edit

The Skinning profession involves gathering leather from various animals which can then be used in various Armorsmithing recipes. The harvesting quests are divided into six tiers, each with their own level requirements. It's important to note that leather is a drop from various creatures, and one does not need the Skinning profession to get the drops.

Tier Level Item Needed Quantity
1 20 [Rough Leather] 20
2 20 [Brindled Leather] 1
3 50 [Calloused Leather] 20
4 50 [Grained Leather] 1
5 70 [Gnarled Leather] 20
6 70 [Whorled Leather] 1

Trainers Edit

Skinning Trainer

Acquiring Resources Edit

Leather is gained from drops from animal-type creatures, and some humans in the game. There are no harvest nodes on it, nor is there any way to "skin" a carcass to obtain leather; the drops are random, and a character does not require the Skinning profession to obtain leather. (The quests are, however, worth XP, so many do them anyway.)

Any creature which drops Standard quality leather will also drop the associated rare, though it may take literally hundreds of kills.

Rough Leather and Brindled Leather (Level 20+) Edit

Best drops for Rough and Brindled leather are reported to be off Diseased Bears in Wild Lands of Zelata and Wild Pigs in Poitain, and also Crocodiles in Khopshef Province near Bubshur. Note that most Prey animals in resource zones drop this class of leather (almost regardless of their levels), and are easy one-shot kills.

Calloused Leather and Grained Leather (Level 50+) Edit

These leathers only drop from level 48-59 enemies, usually animals. Good drop rates are reported from the Apes in the Eiglophian Mountains and from Werewolves and Wolves in the Field of the Dead.

Gnarled Leather and Whorled Leather (Level 70+) Edit

These leathers only drop from level 70+ enemies, usually animals.

Skinning recipesEdit

Item Name Level Drop Place Materials
Shagreen 50 Main Systems, The Sewer King 1xBrindled Leather, 1xThick Ape Bile, 1xPhalaris

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