Skeggi's Fish
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Tortage Island
Quest Starts At Skeggi
Quest Ends At Skeggi
Minimum Level 6

Objective/s • Collect Fresh Fish by the Lighthouse (0/4)

Overview Edit

This quest can be obtained by speaking to Skeggi to the right as you enter the city gates. This quest involves a trip down to the harbor and back, nothing too complicated.

Previous Quest: None

Next Quest: None

Related areas:

I. The Sea's Bounty Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect Fresh Fish by the Lighthouse (0/4)

Journal Entry Edit

A hungry old man called Skeggi asked me to bring him some fish from his fishing rack by the lighthouse. He has not been down there since the Red Hand occupied it, and stole his fishing equipment. I can find the lighthouse to the south in the harbor and the fishing rack should be behind it. Just as the Red Hand stole Skeggi's fishing equipment, I'll steal some fish for him.

Reward Edit

XP: 0

Money: 0

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