Shrewd Blow

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Shrewd Blow
Shrewd blow icon
Available to Bear Shaman
Follow up attacks 2 (Mid)

Weapon Types Used Two-Handed Blunt

Effect Inherited weapon attack
Cooldown 15 seconds
This deceptively dangerous strike causes extra damage even though it appears to be a negligible strike, enabling a bear shaman to fight without attracting its foe's ire in battle.

Description Edit

The Bear Shaman's main damage dealing combo. All ranks end in an overhead attack. All ranks have a non-shared four second cooldown.

Ranks Edit

Shrewd Blow I - Level 10

Shrewd Blow II - Level 28

Shrewd Blow III - Level 40

Shrewd Blow IV - Level 60

Shrewd Blow V - Level 68

Shrewd Blow VI - Purchased from Item Shop, or from Khitai Dungeons.

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