Shockstrike is a hostile electrical magic spell-line available to the Demonologist class. It is the bread-and-butter attack spell for a Lightning-focused Demonologist and is boosted by several feats in the Havoc tree. One particularly noteworthy Feat is Bombardment which can increase the range of Shockstrike past 30 meters, almost at the limit of how far away an enemy can be targeted, allowing for extreme-range sniping.

Rank Level Mana Cost Damage
1 7 46 95-221
2 20 101 168-392
3 35 143 235-548
4 50 187 360-840
5 65 236 458-1068
6 80 264 486-1133
Shockstrike icon
Class Demonologist

Targeting Mode Hostile Spell
Range 25
Casting Time 3 seconds
Attack Rating Electrical Specialization

Effect Damage

This invocation calls down a massive bolt of lightning upon the target. Adjacent enemies are also shocked for lesser damage.

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