A southern kingdom bounded on the west by the Western Ocean, on the east by the Eastern Desert, on the south by Stygia, and on the north by Argos, Koth and Khoraja.

Western Shem is a fertile meadowland with cities and city-states in the hills. The land becomes more and more arid as one travels the caravan routes eastward; but busy trade-centers continue to abound. There is constant warfare between the meadow cities and those of the desert.

Anciently the lands of Shem were part of the Old Stygian Empire. Nomadic savages of the eastern borders of Shem-Stygia, called the Sons of Shem, slowly attained a higher level of culture through contact with the Stygians.

The Geography of Hyboria
North Vanaheim - Asgard - Hyperborea - Cimmeria - Border Kingdom - Brythunia
South Black Kingdoms - Zembabwei - Vendhya - Kosala - Kush - Darfar - Keshan
Punt - Stygia - Iranistan
East Kambuja - Khitai - Uttara Kuru - Meru - Kusan - Hyrkania
West Zingara - Pictish Wilderness - Argos - Aquilonia - Ophir - Nemedia - Shem
Koth - Khoraja - Corinthia - Khauran - Zamora - Turan

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