Shadows of JadeEdit


The Shadows of Jade are the unofficial thieves’ guild of the Empire of Khitai. They are skilled in the art of “wealth redistribution” as they call it, though recent times have put a damper on their arts.

Chaos rules the empire and their profession is now filled by those who are willing to go beyond the moral limits of what their organization allows. In short, their world has fallen apart.

They turned their resources to the search for understanding of their current situation and what they found was that Yah-Chieng’s neglect of his empire had allowed such rampant thievery. Now they seek to restore order to the empire and they know of only one way to do it; ending the reign of the current God-Emperor.

The concerns of the organization are purely practical, restore order so that they can continue making money from the wealthy. The problem is that the current state of the empire leaves many poor and very few wealthy. And those who are wealthy are incredibly paranoid about protecting the things that they own.

Rather than risk revealing the presence of their organization by directly attempting to confront the emperor, or hiring assassins in their homeland such as the Brittle Blade, the Shadows of Jade determined that the best way would be to seek a foreign influence to bring down the emperor...


Nothern GrasslandsEdit

Kara KorumEdit

Chosain ProvinceEdit


Armor SetsEdit

Fengdu, Kara Korum (550, 130)Edit

Faction Cloth ArmorEdit
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Sanctuary of the Shadows, Paikang (765, 540)Edit

Faction Cloth ArmorEdit
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