Scorpion Cave
Level 75-76

Region Stygia
Zone Kheshatta

Player Limit 6

The Scorpion Cave is a group instance located in Kheshatta. It is 73+, and a full group is recommended for best results.

Scorpion Cave Notes Edit

Scorpion Cave is littered with nests, around which various scorpions cluster. To be successful, a group should first destroy all nests with a ranged DPS. Any pull done from near a non-destroyed nest will spawn many minions and other scorpions and quickly overwhelm a group.

In the center of the first large chamber is a chest which will remain un-openable until four keys are collected from corpses within the caves, each located behind a different scorpion boss. (Some recommend that all four keys be collected by the same player.) Once all four keys are collected, the chest can be opened and this will spawn Constantius.

Quests Involving the Scorpion Cave Edit

Loot Table Edit

Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Items
The Gargant
The Abomination [Neter]
Constantius [Taerra]
Unknown [Gargantuan Fist] [Skinning:Buckskin]
[Tyrant Pincer]

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