Scholars of Cheng-ho

Scholars of Cheng-HoEdit


The Scholars of Cheng-ho used to rule the city of Shaulun. In the slender towers of the city, they used seeing-glasses to peer upon the face of their beloved goddess. In the darker times of the month, they summoned her servants, the Moon Children, a species of mischievous spirits who dwell in the underworld. But no more...

The war between Gun Hai and Gun Xiu has grown so fierce that mercenaries are pouring in from all over the world to join in the fight. The vast amounts of money being paid out by the opposing sides have led to huge economic pressure on those living in the neutral city of Shaulun. As a result, the Scholars have been pushed from their homes.

Pretending false sympathy, the Warlord of Gun Hai lured them north to his city. He promised them safe lodgings if they would only summon the Moon Children to help to protect his borders. The scholars complied with his wishes, unaccustomed to the harsh life into which they had been thrust.

But the Warlord betrayed them and enslaved the Moon Children, refusing to allow them to return to the underworld. The Scholars were put to work in the city, creating potions and war machines for his use.

Now the Scholars are a desperate bunch – unhappy in their servitude and unwilling to seek their freedom without the presence of a strong leader.


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