Sanctum of the Burning Souls

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Sanctum of the Burning Souls
Level 37 - 39
Aoc sanctumoftheburningsouls 3
Region Aquilonia
Zone Wild Lands of Zelata
Boss Count 5
End Boss Acheronian Warlord
Player Limit 6

"When the day of reckoning came, the sword was not spared. So Acheron ceased to be, and purple towered Python became a memory of forgotten days"Robert E Howard, Hour of the Dragon

The Sanctum of the Burning Souls (SotBS) is a 6-man dungeon in the far eastern reaches of the Wild Lands of Zelata. The Sanctum is home to a number of demonic spirits and frequented by Nemedian and Black Ring raiding hosts. It is the second Epic-Only dungeon in Age of Conan and players at the recommended levels should travel in groups.

History Edit

From Age of Conan:

In the Wild Lands, the flood-ravaged ruins of the Sanctum of the Burning Souls stand broken, abandoned and forgotten by the people of Aquilonia. And yet, these Acheronian ruins are no longer silent. Strange chants echo across the Wild Lands, carried on the night winds. The Dark Beasts gather here, as if drawn to something like a beast obeying a leash. Moonlight glints off Nemedian blades, drawn in the darkness. All is not what it seems.


Aoc sanctumoftheburningsouls 1

The Acheronian Warlord

Brooding on a mountaintop, overlooking the Wild Lands, the ruins of the City of Burning Souls is a tainted place. The last vestiges of Acheronian magic still cling to the ruins, and few are foolhardy enough to risk the wrath of the spirits and demons within.
Yet there are those who make the journey, through the warped and twisted labyrinth of ancient stone to the very heart of the darkness itself…the Sanctum of the Burning Souls. The few who return from such expeditions are insane, frothing at the mouth as they scream of unimaginable horrors.
The very stones of the Sanctum are soaked with the blood of thousands of innocents; victims who fell beneath the knives of the Acheronian Warlords and the vicious Priests of Set. Great fountains, which once flowed freely with the blood of sacrifice, now stand silent, dark stains around their base the only testimony to their grim purpose.
Lusting for power, the Nemedians have sent a small force to investigate the ruins, and no man or woman knows what they have found there, though the Dark Beasts began attacking the Wild Lands shortly after the expedition arrived. Thoth-Amon has also sent some of his most trusted allies to discover what secrets the dark heart of Acheron may hold.
Aoc sanctumoftheburningsouls 2

Ancient Blood Defiler

Dark Beasts, Nemedians, Stygian Sorcerers and the demons of Acheron; the Sanctum is a challenge to even the greatest of heroes. But with stout allies and courageous hearts, a stalwart group might be able to uncover the horrible secrets contained therein.

Resurrection Points Edit

Sanctum of the Burning Souls has the following Resurrection Points:

  • Sanctum of the Burning Souls (73,100)
  • The Dark Heart of Acheron (849,223)
Aoc sanctumoftheburningsouls 3

Statues above the Ancient Blood Defiler's room

Quests Edit

Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Tearing the Veil Zelata Wild Lands of Zelata
Lifting the Curse Zelata Wild Lands of Zelata
Immortal Acheron Zelata Wild Lands of Zelata
The Weakest Link Ur-Emmet Wild Lands of Zelata
Rusty Courage Maxus the Drunk Wild Lands of Zelata
Fetching Fungi Teltus the Alchemist Wild Lands of Zelata
The Woman Who Never Died Inspect the journal on the sarcophagus Outflow Tunnels
The Sanctity of Slaughter Melkar Sanctum of the Burning Souls
A Spirit Chained Melkar Sanctum of the Burning Souls

Loot Table Edit

Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Items
Vengeful Drowned One [Black Vash]
[Crowfire] v4.6
[Terminus] v4.6
[Kel'Avashk Cap] v4.6 [Coronal Boots] v4.6

[Blackmarrow Boots] v4.6

[Griefscale Harness] v4.6
[Scarclaw Boots]
[Scarclaw Helm]
[Mortiferous Tasset] v4.6 [Architect: Sarcophagal Vault] v4.6
Ancient Dark Beast [Blackfist] v4.6
[Nimbus] v4.6
[Cruciatus] v4.6
[Frostlight] v4.6
[Vashian Keffiyeh] v4.6

[Blackmarrow Chest] v4.6

[Coronal Helm]
[Coronal Jerkin]
[Coronal Leggings]

[Griefscale Leggings] v4.6 [Bloodsire Helm]Confirmed 3/21/10
Ancient Blood Defiler [Duskfang] v4.6 [Bloodtaint Band]
[Bloodtainted Hoop] v4.6
Princess Akivasha [Akivneteh] v4.6
[Y'toth] v4.6
[Kel'Avashk Robes]
[Kel'Avashk Sandals]
[Vashian Schenti]
[Vashian Treads]
[Vashian Tunic]
[Griefscale Helm] v4.6

[Scarclaw Leggings] v4.6

Acheronian Warlord [Death's Door]
[Soulstorm] v4.6
[Blackmarrow Leggings] v4.6

[Mortiferous Helm]
[Mortiferous Chestguard]
[Mortiferous Boots]
[Bloodsire Helm]
[Bloodsire Boots]
[Bloodsire Harness]

[Bloodsire Tasset] Confirmed 3/21/10

[Totem of Origins] v4.6

As of v 1.05 this table is incorrect, all of the items do drop within the sanctum but are dropped by different bosses, I will attempt to make corrections where needed.

Basttion, Tyranny Server 3/21/10

I am still working on collecting every peice known to drop here and have been taking screenshots of the sets and stats etc. Shouldn't be long before the table is updated for v1.07
Basttion, Tyranny Server 4/2/10

Dungeon Denizens Edit

External Links Edit

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