Sacred Fire
Rank 0/3

Improves the Cleansing Fire spell by adding a lingering fire effect which burns the victim for a short time. Investing further feat points increases the damage and duration of this effect.


Sacred Fire is a Priest of Mitra feat located in the Vengance tree.

Rank 1

  • Adds the Lingering Flame debuff to targets affected by the Cleansing Fire spell

Rank 2/3

  • Increases the damage of the Lingering Flames debuff by 100%/200%
  • Increases the duration of the Lingering Flames debuff by 1/2 seconds

Lingering Flames DetailsEdit

Duration: 5.5 seconds
Damage frequency: every 1 second
Gain from Magic Damage (Holy): Aproximately 6.5%

Level 15 80
Base Spell Damage 3-3 12-14

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