Sabretooth article

Sabre-tooths resemble tigers or other big cats in form but have minimal markings (their fur is typically a sandy color all over) and have extremely powerful forequarters in comparison to other big cats, though even their hindquarters are more powerful than those of a lion. This makes them very strong but their bulk makes them slower than most big cats and has contributed to their quick and savage hunting style.

Their most distinctive feature, though, is the pair of vast teeth that give them their name. These are huge curved fangs, bigger than daggers and capable of inflicting the most devastating injuries. Though these fangs are enormously powerful weapons, they are far more brittle than smaller fangs and older sabre-tooths often have one or both of their great teeth broken off. Sabre-tooths are not so common as in former times, now that Humanity and wild cats have spread over many of their old hunting grounds. Deep in the forests of the Pictish Wilderness, though, they can still be found wild and shamans of the Pictish race often call upon them as powerful allies.

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