Sabazios The InsaneEdit


Sabazios Abilities Edit



Sabazios summons countless snakes to his aid during the fight. Players may need to turn down their spell effects settings (or turn them off completely) in order to avoid lag and be able to properly handle the encounter regardless of their role.

  1. Before enter the boss room, 1 or 2 tanks start to pull some snakes that are inside, on the right entrance
  2. Then, everyone enter by the right entrance, until reach the wall at the end, on the right corner. Casters have to be close to the wall, then healers, then melee, then tanks forming a wall for protection
  3. EVERYONE must go into stealth/hide, and wait for the main tank pull the boss
  4. When boss arrives, the main tank walk amongst the stealthed people and stop close to the wall as possible, then everyone appear and start DPS (casters must start Spellweave)

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