Description Edit

AoC Renewal S
Class Bear Shaman
Level first available 6

Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time Instant

Recast 12 seconds

Effect over time Heals X on target every 1 second (20.5 seconds)

Type Healing spell
Duration 20.5 seconds

The great shaman's next successful melee attack also places a moderate healing effect on their companions. Renewal is the Bear Shaman's green heal.

Enhancements Edit

Empowered Renewal: Empowers the Renewal ability, granting a damage bonus to the attack triggering the effect.

Spirit feat tree - Tier 2 [5 Ranks]

Deft Renewal: When the Renewal prayer is triggered it also increases the team's chance to evade attacks for 10 seconds.

Spirit feat tree - Tier 6 [3 Ranks]

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