Remuses is the final, and hardest, boss in Black Castle. After passing the three Black Castle challenges, and killing Grimask, you can head straight in to his chambers, a massive room with a platform that he stands on. First you must kill ALL of the adds in the room, which will take quite some time. He is not hostile so you can stand next to him without pulling, but make sure your group is ready for one hell of a fight.

  • Remuses drops exceptional helms popular for 39 Mini twinking and Vanity gear.


When you engage Remuses you'll have about 10 seconds to dps him down as much as you can before he becomes invulnerable for 30 seconds and summons two elite Mantis to aid him. After the 30 second null he will become active again and your group must finish any remaining adds and switch to the boss; he does this periodically throughout the entire fight. This encounter requires good DPS, enough to kill the two adds and hurt him before he summons two more and goes invulnerable yet again. An offtank can help tank any remaining adds after Remuses becomes active and the main tank has switched to pick him up. Eventually you will most likely get overwhelmed high dps is a must. If you are lucky enough to complete this dungeon with a low level group, then congratulations, you've just beaten one of the funnest and challenging low level dungeons =]. After defeating Remuses he will drop his loot chest and tons of little minions will come to congratulate you, aoe them down. Their dmg is miniscule. Congratulations!


Flamefuse Helm

Firesoul Helm



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