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Turan Map

Quests: TuranEdit

Follow the path of Conan to the coast of Turan, where we meet a couple of his fellows some twenty years later and help them out in their troubles, that delivers new adventures the level ranges from 50-80.

Coast of Ardashir (50-55)Edit

Dead Man's Hand (50-80)Edit

  • TBA

Ardashir Fort (6-Man)Edit

  • TBA

Isle of Iron Statues (80-80)Edit

  • TBA

Temple of Erlik (Raid)Edit

  • TBA



  • Feel free to add what information you can about the quests (A few quests are already filled out as examples of the layout - we'll try to keep it uniform across the board).
  • If you can't or don't want to do the quest updates yourself, just screenshot your quest journal (prefereably before and after each quest ding / quest update) and send the pics through and we'll do the heavy lifting for you! Send them to

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