Barachan Isles 1

Quests: TortageEdit

Tortage, the pirate haven of the Barachan Isles. Due to the blockade and Lord Admiral Strom's growing paranoia, many residents of the City of Tortage are left without homes and means of trade. You must do what you can to ease the burden on the people of this city and bring hope of a return to normal life.

Acheronian Ruins Edit

City of TortageEdit

Coastal CaveEdit

Tortage Beach Edit

Tortage UnderhallsEdit

White SandsEdit


*Feel free to add what information you can about the quests (A few quests are already filled out as examples of the layout - we'll try to keep it uniform across the board).
*If you can't or don't want to do the quest updates yourself, just screenshot your quest journal (prefereably before and after each quest ding / quest update) and send the pics through and we'll do the heavy lifting for you! Send them to

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