Zeno's Last Hour
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Thunder River
Quest Starts At General Lupercus
Quest Ends At General Lupercus

Objective/s • Kill Zeno
• Get the Ring of Corruption

Reward 50,400 XP

5 74 53

[Ring of Corruption]

I. Zeno the Madman Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Zeno
  • Get the Ring of Corruption

Journal Entry Edit

General Lupercus tells me that the tone has changed in King Conan's latest message. Imprisonment is no longer a stern enough fate for Zeno. A tie between Zeno and the stygian sorcerer Thoth-Amon has been discovered. Thoth-Amon blessed Zeno with a ring of power, and while neither the function of the ring nor the nature of the relationship between Zeno and Thoth-Amon is known, the mercenary warlord is much too dangerous to remain alive.

Tiberius lacks the strength to march an army into the prison island, so he hires mecernaries to cross to the island. I've accepted the mission to kill Zeno.

He tells me that it is very important that I don't leave the ring to the criminals if Zeno falls.

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