Quest:Yipping Hyenas

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Quest:Yipping Hyenas
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khopshef Province
Quest Starts At Caravan Master Tamin
Quest Ends At Caravan Master Tamin

Objective/s • Collect Spotted Hyena Tongues (9)
• Give Spotted Hyena Tongues to Caravan Master Tamin

Reward 4464 xp

15 55

[Kha'ta Leather Jerkin],
[Hemru Chainmail Cap], or
[Dunestalker Loincloth]

I. Hunting Hyenas Edit

Objective Edit

  • Collect Spotted Hyena Tongues (9)

Journal Entry Edit

Caravan Master Tamin of Caravanserai is going to pay me to kill the spotted hyenas that have been attacking her camels, but I must bring back their tongues as proof. She said the spotted hyenas can be found southwest of Caravanserai.

II. Return to Caravan Master Tamin Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give Spotted Hyena Tongues to Caravan Master Tamin

Journal Edit

I have the hyena tongues for Caravan Master Tamin. I must head back to the Caravanserai and give them to her.

Reward Edit

  • 4464 xp

55 15

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