Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Slaughterhouse Cellar
Quest Starts At General Lupercus
Quest Ends At General Lupercus

Objective/s • Gather Seal Fragments (4)
• Open the Gateway (4)

Reward 92,449 xp

10 16 84

Choose one of these:

[Soulblessed Rod]
[Heartstrike Arrows]
[Bullmight Band]
[Cobrastrike Band]

I. The Slaughterhouse Cellar Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Gather Seal Fragments (4)

Journal Entry Edit

General Lupercus is now forced to take action and send someone to open Xibaluku, before the Picts unleash some unspeakable horror from within. I have been trusted to find and collect seal fragments from the Picts in a cellar on the eastern shore.

II. Darkness Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Open the Gateway (4)

Journal Entry Edit

I have enough seal fragments to open Xibaluku. Time has come to stand before the door and uncover the secrets within.

The entrance stands on the prison island in the middle of Thunder River.

Reward Edit

92,449 xp

10 16 84

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