Quest:Xan's Bounty

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Quest:Xan's Bounty
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory White Sands
Quest Starts At Bottle

Minimum Level 15

Objective/s • Save Xan from the Gorilla Queen

Reward 3600 XP

8 56

I. A Lonely Message Edit

Objective Edit

  • Save Xan from the Gorilla Queen

Journal Entry Edit

Half-buried on the beach of White Sands Isle, I stumbled across a bottle containing a letter which reads as follows:

"I am Xan the Fearless, scourge of the Barrachan Seas. When my men and I tried to run the blockade on Tortage Island, we were scuppered.

I managed to swim to the safety of an unknown island with a handful of treasure and a bottle of rum.

Now I find myself at the mercy of the beasts which inhabit the island, fierce gorillas ruled over by a tyrannical Gorilla Queen. They do not harm me, but they stop me from leaving the island and their queen seems to consider me her property. Sometimes I wake to find her staring at me.

Whoever finds this, I beg you to come and rescue me. I'm out of rum but I still have some treasure. By my calculations I am somewhere near White Sands Isle. Please, save me from the Gorilla Queen."

I should keep an eye out for this mysterious island of Gorillas as I explore White Sands Isle.

Completion Edit

Journal Entry Edit

I found a message in a bottle on White Sands Isle, written by a pirate who called himself Xan the Fearless. Xan was being held captive on a small island by a troop of gorillas. I killed the Gorilla Queen, but it was too late to save Xan. I did manage to loot his treasure, however, from the belly of the Gorilla Queen.

Reward Edit

3600 XP
8 56

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