Quest:Words of Wisdom

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Quest:Words of Wisdom
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Old Tarantia
Quest Starts At Large Tome
Quest Ends At Teltus the Alchemist

Objective/s • Find somebody to translate the tome
• Deliver the Translated Herbal to Teltus

Reward 7008 XP

47 67

[Devilsmead] x(5)

I. An Ancient Tome Edit

Objective Edit

  • Find somebody to translate the tome

Journal Entry Edit

Inside the Pyramid of the Ancient Ones, I discovered a leather bound tome written in an ancient language. I have taken the book and I should try to find a scholar who can translate it for me.

Notes Edit

Tome is found on the Second Floor of the Pyramid of the Ancients, at location 92.1 57.8.

II. Lemurian Writings Edit

Objective Edit

  • Deliver the Translated Herbal to Teltus

Journal Entry Edit

Myrina, at the library in Old Tarantia, was able to translate the ancient tome. It turns out that it is a Herbal of long forgotten Lemuria, describing their use of herbs in their daily lives. Myrina has asked me to deliver a translated copy of the herbal to Teltus, an alchemist in the Wild Lands to the east. She assures me that he will pay me well for its recovery. Teltus can be found in Tesso, in the Wild Lands of Aquilonia.

Note Edit

Teltus can be found in Tesso at location 289.6 687.0.

Reward Edit

7008 XP

47 67
[Devilsmead] x(5)

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