Quest:Wolves and Lambs

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Wolves and Lambs
Main Category Eiglophian Mountains
Subcategory Cannibal Cave
Quest Starts At Bora
Quest Ends At Bora

Reward 20,900 XP

2 12 75

Choose one of these:
[Cannibal Stabber]
[Cannibal Beater]

II. Killing in the Name of Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Discover Cannibal Cave
  • Kill the Cannibal Chief
  • Free the Children

Journal Entry Edit

I found Wenric, wounded, on the mountainside. He told me that the Cannibals took the children, herding them off towards their cave in the mountains to the northeast. Wenric has asked me to rescue the children and kill the Cannibal Boss who took them.

III. Liberating the Youth Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to Bora with the good news

Journal Entry Edit

The Cannibal Leader is dead and the children have been freed from the cave and sent fleeing south to the Settlement of Dinog. I should return to Bora and let her know that the deed is done.

Reward Edit

20,900 XP
2 12 75
Choose one of these:
[Cannibal Stabber]
[Cannibal Beater]

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