White Hand Officers
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Eiglophian Mountains
Quest Starts At Rithriall
Quest Ends At Rithriall

Objective/s • Kill Kamoinen
• Kill Torumjumala
• Kill Na'Tso'Ko

Reward 32,300 XP

3 61 23

Choose one of these:

I. The Heart of the Troubles Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Kamoinen
  • Kill Torumjumala
  • Kill Na'Tso'Ko

Journal Entry Edit

Rithriall, now he has accepted my help, believes the White Hand leaders Kamoinen, Torumjumala and Na'Tsu'Ko are the key to the Hyperborean influence in the region. If I kill them, it should scatter the remaining sorcerers, or at least weaken the pale ones' strength in the Eiglophians. Rithriall warned me that the main Hyperborean camp, north-east by the Temple of Thurga, is heavily guarded.

I must go with companions if I wish to survive.

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