Quest:War and Commerce

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War and Commerce
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Wild Lands of Zelata
Quest Starts At Vajascus
Quest Ends At ?

Objective/s • Deliver the Cimmerian furs to Keyx

Reward 1107 XP

3 68

Quest Comment:
Vajascus can be found in the Cimmerian Settlement
in Conall's Valley.

I. A Nemedian Favor Edit

Objectives Edit

Deliver the Cimmerian furs to Keyx.

Journal Entry Edit

A Nemedian merchant known as Vajascus has asked me to deliver a shipment to Keyx in Aquilonia. Apparently Vajascus made the trip north as a favor to his friend, but he is too scared to leave the relative safety of the Cimmerian settlement, for fear of the Vanir and the wolves in the mountains.

I can find Keyx in Tesso, in the Wild Lands of Aquilonia.

Reward Edit

1107 XP

3 68

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