Quest:Unholy Magic
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Acheronian Ruins
Quest Starts At Otho
Quest Ends At Otho

Objective/s • Kill the Elder Shaman
• Destroy a Pictish Hut (5)
• Return to Otho

Reward 2118 XP

4 50

[Otho's Buckler]
Leads To Remains of a Bygone Age

I. Getting a Shaman's Attention Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill the Elder Shaman
  • Destroy a Pictish Hut (5)

Journal Entry Edit

Otho has learned that the Pictish Shamans, led by their Elder Shaman, give power to the bat-demon through their worship. I need to find the huts belonging to the apprentices and burn them to the ground, and I must kill the Pictish Elder Shaman so I can end their barbaric faith.

I can find the Acheronian ruins and the Shaman by taking a path to the right on the other side of the lava river, outside the city gate.

II. A Slaughtered Shaman Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Return to Otho

Journal Entry Edit

The huts are destroyed and the Elder Shaman is dead. I should return to Otho to tell him of my success.

Otho is in the Thirsty Dog Inn, in the city of Tortage.

Reward Edit

  • 2118 xp

4 50

Completion Edit

Otho tasked me with destroying the huts of the Pictish Shamans in order to attract the attention of the Elder Shaman and draw him out of hiding. Once I had done this, I killed the sorcerer, and returned to the Thirsty Dog for my reward.

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