Trials of Desert Combat
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Kheshatta
Quest Starts At Viltren Al'mackra
Quest Ends At Viltren Al'mackra

Objective/s • Kill Dune Scorpions (15)

Reward 67,999 XP

7 70 25

Choose one of these:

I. Proving my Prowess Edit

Objective Edit

  • Kill Dune Scorpions (15)

Journal Entry Edit

Viltren Al'mackra, a pilgrim devoted to some long forgotten scorpion god, has challenged me to prove my might by battling the monstrous scorpions that plague the region.

I shall earn his respect by successfully completing this trial of combat, while he says prayers and makes offerings for my success. It is an old tradition of the champions of Khet, an abandoned and ruined Stygian city.

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