Trek to Thrymheim
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Atzel's Approach
Quest Starts At Kayleigh "Twinkle" O'Fili
Quest Ends At Kayleigh "Twinkle" O'Fili

Objective/s • Find the Frozen Plateau Thrymheim
• Return to Twinkle

Reward 74,983 XP

8 37 61

I. The Long Journey North Edit

Objective Edit

  • Find the Frozen Plateau Thrymheim

Journal Entry Edit

I seek a frozen plateau called Thrymheim, a hold of the frost giants in the far north. A wandering teller of tales in Stygia is interested hearing from anyone who has explored it.

The plateau lies beyond the Laciesh Plains in Cimmeria, near Atzel's Fortress.

II. Long Tales Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to Twinkle

Journal Entry Edit

That sly Twinkle! She hid a note tucked in my warm winter gear where she knew I would find it. It reads: "Please return one day with your tales of adventure, they are worth a lot to those who can't travel. - warm affection Twinkle."

If I ever make it back to Stygia I should visit her.

Reward Edit

74,983 XP
8 37 61

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