Quest:Torn by Guilt

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Torn by Guilt
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khopshef Province
Quest Starts At Kayires
Quest Ends At Kayires

Objective/s • Deliver the Remedy to Amun
• Return to Kayires

Reward 4431 XP

14 74

[Klamath Wine]

I. Lost in the Sands Edit

Objective Edit

  • Deliver the Remedy to Amun

Journal Entry Edit

Kayires has asked me to find a local villager named Amun, who fled into the desert to the east after he witnessed his wife and child slain by the demon that has been terrorizing the area. Kayires wants me to find Amun and give him some of the soothing remedy he has made, in the hopes it will help Amun recover from his terror and grief.

II. Scars of the Soul Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to Kayires

Journal Entry Edit

I found Amun and gave him the remedy. He seems much better now, and will return to the village shortly. I must return to Kayires and tell him that Amun will be all right.

Reward Edit

4431 XP
14 74

[Klamath Wine]

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