Quest:To Battle a God

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To Battle a God
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Kheshatta
Quest Starts At King Conan
Quest Ends At Kalanthes

Objective/s • Talk to Kalanthes (level 80)

Reward 102300

11 25 48

Leads To Quest:Ibis, Master of Hidden Secrets

I. The High Priest of Ibis Edit

Objective Edit

  • Talk to Kalanthes (level 80)

Journal Edit

King Conan of Aquilonia has asked me to go to Kheshatta to meet with Kalanthes, to face the thread of Thoth-Amon and the Grim Grey God. However, he wants me to wait until I'm more experienced before I talk to Kalanthes, as I'm not strong enough to face the challenges yet. I will be ready when I'm level 80.

Kalanthes waits in a cave in the hills east of Kheshatta, Stygia.

II. Edit

Objective Edit

Journal Edit

Rewards Edit

  • XP: 102300
  • Money:

11 25 48

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