Quest:The Ymirish Bearlock
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Field of the Dead
Quest Starts At Bodhrann
Quest Ends At Bodhrann

Objective/s • Kill the Ymirish Bearlock
• Speak to Bodhrann

Reward 15,013 xp

1 28 77

Leads To Quest:Lieutenant Rhor

I. Lieutenant Bearlock Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill the Ymirish Bearlock

Journal Entry Edit

Bodhrann, from the Murrogh Clan, has asked that I further help his campaign against the Vanir. Within the first section of their camp, there is a Vanir lieutenant named the Ymirish Bearlock, known for his strength and power. Bodhraan has asked that I gather those I deem trustworthy and together end his life.

Note Edit

The Ymirish Bearlock spawns at the X marked on the map at ground level (not on the levels above).

II. Return to Bodhrann Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to Bodhrann

Journal Entry Edit

The Ymirish Bearlock has met his demise, blood spilled out among the graves he would seek to rob. Now that this lieutenant is dead, I should report back to Bodhraan, and tell him of this accomplishment.

Reward Edit

15,013 xp

1 28 77

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