Quest:The Worshippers' Demise

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The Worshippers' Demise
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory White Sands
Quest Starts At Idogbe
Quest Ends At Idogbe
Minimum Level 5

Objective/s • Retrieve the [Merchant's Gems]
• Give the Gems to Idogbe

Reward 1,087xp

1 76

[Aged Bloodbelly Ale] (5)

I. Gutting the Beasts Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

Idogbe the merchant told me about a group of worshippers he sold valuable gems to. Rumors say the harmless cultists were all eaten by beasts upon their arrival at White Sands Isle. Now the gems lat in the beasts' bellies, and I should go get hold of the profitable jewels. It could be any beast on White Sands Isle, and I can go there by using the rowboat in the north of the harbor.

Reward Edit


II. Gems Tainted Red Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Gems to Idogbe

Journal Entry Edit

I killed a great number of beats on White Sands Isle and found the valuable gems in their bellies. I should return to Idogbe and give him the jewels.

Reward Edit

XP: 1,087
Money: 1 76
[Aged Bloodbelly Ale] (5)

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