The Woman Who Never Died
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Sanctum of the Burning Souls
Quest Starts At Princess Akivasha's Diary

Minimum Level 35

Objective/s • Find a Scholar to Translate the Blood-inked Diary
• Kill Princess Akivasha

Reward 10216

Inked in Blood Edit

Objective Edit

  • Find a Scholar to Translate the Blood-inked Diary.

Journal Entry Edit

In the Outflow Tunnels beneath Old Tarantia, I found an Ancient Sarcophagus, with an open lid. The walls of the room around it were spattered with blood and the floor was covered in mangled corpses. Amongst the debris, I found a small book, possibly a journal. It appears to be inked in blood and bound in human hair and the script is harsh and angular -- I have never seen its like. I should ask a scholar to translate the book for me.

Notes Edit

Take the book to Myrina on the steps of the library in Old Tarantia.

A Legend in the Flesh Edit

Objective Edit

Kill Princess Akivasha.

Journal Entry Edit

According to Myrina, a librarian in Tarantia, the book I found was written by none other than Princess Akivasha. It seems that ancient and evil being has made her way to Aquilonia, in order to enter a place known as the 'Sanctum of the Burning Souls'. According to Myrina, the Sanctum lies somewhere in the Wild Lands to the east. I should travel to this Sanctum and stop whatever Akivasha is doing.

Reward Edit

  • 10216 XP

73 34

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