The Veteran
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At The Veteran
Quest Ends At ?
Minimum Level 1

Objective/s • give the Veteran's Sword to Daorgan;
give the Veteran's Bow to Adha;
give the Veteran's Shield to Sian
• Give Daorgan's Shield to the Veteran;
Give Adha's Sling to the Veteran;
Give Sian's Chain to the Veteran

Reward 4981 XP

13 32

I. Hasty Words Edit

Objectives Edit

Give the Veteran's Sword to Daorgan.
Give the Veteran's Bow to Adha.
Give the Veteran's Shield to Sian.

Journal Entry Edit

On my way down towards the Cimmerian settlement in Conall's Valley, I encountered a grizzled Cimmerian warrior. According to him, he is serving a penance for his hasty words in the Cimmerian war council where he accused his chieftain of being too cautious. It chafes at him that he cannot join the battle, but his son and daughter are doing their best for the war effort. He has asked me to seek out his son, Daorgan, his daughter, Adha, and his wife, Sian and deliver his sword, bow and shield to them respectively. I can find all of them in the Cimmerian settlement.

II. Family Protection Edit

Objectives Edit

Give Daorgan's Shield to the Veteran.
Give Adha's Sling to the Veteran.
Give Sian's Chain to the Veteran.

Journal Entry Edit

I have found each member of the veteran's family and delivered the weapons as he asked. Each family member had something that they wished to give back to their father, so now I should return and deliver the gifts to him.

Reward Edit

4981 XP

13 32

[Maulsmead] x 5

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