The Vanir Polluters
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Devlon
Quest Ends At Kincaid

Previous Quest Needed The Source of Pollution
Objective/s • Kill Vanir Polluters (9);
Kill Vanir Master Polluter
• Speak with Kincaid
Parts 2
Reward 4431 XP

14 74

[Purifyer's Necklace] or
[Cleansing Necklace]

I. Destroying the Defilers Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Vanir Polluters (9).
  • Kill Vanir Master Polluter.

Journal Entry Edit

Devlon has asked me to track down and kill the Vanir who have been placing rotting corpses in the river. I will find them somewhere upstream and gut them like pigs.

II. Refreshing the Flow Edit

Objectives Edit

Speak with Kincaid.

Journal Entry Edit

I have found the polluters and slain them as Devlon asked. I must return to the settlement and report to Torin Chieftain's battle chief, Kincaid.

Reward Edit

  • 4431 XP

14 74

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