Quest:The Unwritten Law

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Quest:The Unwritten Law

Quest Starts At Laranga
Quest Ends At Laranga
Minimum Level 5

Objective/s • Collect [Stolen Barrels] (2)
• Collect a [Brutal Pirate's Head]

• Give the Brutal Pirate's Head to Laranga
• Give the Stolen Barrels to Laranga

Reward 330xp

[Laranga's Aim]
[Basic Bolt Quiver]

I. Brutal Pirates Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect Stolen Barrels (2)
  • Collect a Brutal Pirate's Head

Journal Entry Edit

Laranga told me about Tortage's unwritten law. It seems the Red Hand profits from and overlooks crimes carried out by the pirates stuck here by the blockade. Laranga is not one to take bribes or bullying and wants me to help him kill the pirates camping by the stone quarry. They robbed the Thirsty Dog Inn and now Laranga wants to put one of their heads on a spear as a warning. He also wants me to collect some of the stolen goods and return it to him. I need to look for it in the stone quarry.

II. Report back to Laranga Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Brutal Pirate's Head
  • Give the Stolen Barrels to Laranga

Journal Entry Edit

I have the stolen goods and the pirate's head. I must return with them to Laranga at the west gate.

Rewards Edit

[Laranga's Aim]
[Basic Bolt Quiver]]]

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