Quest:The Thief
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Villa Lentulus
Quest Starts At Sarissa
Quest Ends At Sarissa
Minimum Level 40

Objective/s • Kill Gurges the Nimble

Reward 18,537 XP

1 78 7

I. Honor Among Thieves Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Gurges the Nimble

Journal Entry Edit

Sarissa, from the Armsman's Tavern, has tasked me with tracking down and killing a rogue thief under her employ. I should be able to find this thief, named Gurges the Nimble, within Villa Lentulus.

Notes Edit

A minimum of 300 points of climbing is required to complete this quest. There are climbable vines on the second level of the villa, and these are the only way to reach the thirf floor where Gurges is. Note that for some, the climbing points do not show. Ensure you do not have a target, and then move until "You can climb here!" is displayed, then use "U" to climb if you cannot see the activation point on the vines themselves. On the second floor is a passage flanked with vines. Facing the passage, climb the vines to the left, then move along the left-hand side until you see more vines and climb them to reach Gurges.

II. Protected Protection Edit

Objectives Edit

Speak to Sarissa.

Journal Entry Edit

Gurges the Nimble has been dealt with, and Sarissa no longer needs to worry about the errant thief. I should return to her and share the news of his demise.

Reward Edit

  • 18537 XP

1 78 7

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