Quest:The Tanner's Request

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The Tanner's Request
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conarch Village
Quest Starts At Tanner Chael
Quest Ends At Tanner Chael
Minimum Level  ?

Objective/s • Speak to Chael
• Find Chael a suitable tanning shed
• Return to Chael

Reward 3736 XP

9 99

[Wolfhunter Cap] or
[Greywolf Tunic] or
[Wolfhunter Leggings]

I.Armoring the Village Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get Wolf Pelts (7)

Journal Entry Edit

The tanner in Conarch Village is so busy making armor for the warriors that he does not have time to hunt. He has asked me to travel to Conall's Valley and hunt wolves for their pelts. He has cautioned me, however, that black wolf pelts are of no use to him.

II.To Be Added Edit

Objectives Edit

  • To Be Added

Journal Entry Edit

To Be Added.

Reward Edit

3736 XP

9 99

[Wolfhunter Cap] or
[Greywolf Tunic] or
[Wolfhunter Leggings]

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