The Spider's Antidote
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Tarantia Noble District
Quest Starts At Archpriest Zyras

Minimum Level 1

Objective/s • Deliver the Antidote to Brother Persus

Reward 7325 XP

59 11

[Tunsus] or
[Extentus] or

I. A Cure for Persus Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Deliver the Antidote to Brother Persus

Journal Entry Edit

Archpriest Zyras has finally finished his cure for the disease spread by the Nemedians. He has asked me to carry the cure to Brother Persus, in the Black Dragon Barracks.

II. Treating the Fallen Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Administer the Antidote

Journal Entry Edit

Brother Persus has asked me to test the antidote on a sick man in the barracks. I should administer a vial of the cure to see if it works.

III. A Successful Nostrum Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Report to Brother Persus

Journal Entry Edit

I have tested the cure and it appears to work flawlessly. I should return to Brother Persus to report my success.

Reward Edit

7325 XP
59 11

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