Quest:The Sigil of Set

Quest Starts At Sealed Letter
Quest Ends At Tetkafri
Minimum Level 19

Objective/s •Deliver the Letter to a Priest of Set

Reward 1,245xp

3 32

I. A Dagger in the Back Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Deliver the Letter to a Priest of Set

Journal Entry Edit

While exploring Khemi, I stumbled upon a man's corpse. There was a dagger wedged firmly between his shoulder blades and he appeared to be the victim of a mugger. However, clutched in his hand was a sealed letter adorned with the sigil of Set. I took the letter, and I should deliver it to a priest of Set as soon as possible.

Reward Edit

XP: 1,245
Money: 3 32

Notes Edit

The corpse is at 861, 1198

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