Quest:The Shadow Brotherhood
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory City of Tortage
Quest Starts At Decario
Quest Ends At Decario

Objective/s • Talk to Decario

Reward 423 xp


I. The Shadow Brotherhood Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Decario

Journal Entry Edit

I met an Argossean in the Thirsty Dog Inn who told me that he was always in need of competent people on the mainland. He offered to put me in contact with an agent of his in my homeland.

Reward Edit

  • 423 xp


Completion Edit

I met an Argossean in the Thirsty Dog Inn named Decario. Decario told me that if I was ever in need of work in my homeland I should look for his agent and use the pass-phrase “The lion that stalks the waves. Amra”. Decario refused to tell me what kind of work I would be doing, assuring me that I would find out more from his agent on the mainland.

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