Quest:The Sands of Time

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The Sands of Time
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Old Tarantia
Quest Starts At Sinmophtys
Quest Ends At Phocas

Objective/s • Deliver Seven Red Grains to Phocas

Reward 900 XP

2 14

I. A Miniscule Delivery Edit

Objective Edit

  • Deliver Seven Red Grains to Phocas

Journal Entry Edit

A man named Sinmophtys has asked me to deliver what appears to be an empty jar to a glass blower in Old Tarantia. Sinmophtys seemed to think that I had something to learn from this empty glass jar. I should deliver the empty jar to Phocas, somewhere in the streets of Old Tarantia.

Reward Edit

900 XP
2 14

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