The River Pirates
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khopshef Province
Quest Starts At Nivenah
Quest Ends At Nivenah

Objective/s • Get the River Pirate's Bounty

Reward 5487 XP

23 94


I. A Shipless Sailor Edit

Objective Edit

  • Get the River Pirate's Bounty

Journal Entry Edit

Nivenah, a drunken sailor who I met in Bubshur, has asked me to to find his treasure. The treasure was stolen by his mutinous crew, after the sinking of his boat by rebellious slaves from Hep-Kab. His old crew has turned bandit, I will find them to the south-east by the Oasis.

Comments Edit

- This quest is to be done in a group. One or two people alone are not enough to even damage the pirates, although bandits before them are easy enough to get rid off, although in quite numerous mobs.
- Access to the valley where the pirates are found is from the south of Black Castle. It looks like one can access the cross on the map from the valley where lions dwell, but it is impossible.
- This quest can be done without a group as well. Just do not engage any fights with the pirates.

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