The Raided Tomb
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory The Outflow Tunnels
Quest Starts At Tetkafri
Quest Ends At Cargomaster Laberius
Minimum Level 31

Objective/s • Speak to Issa
• Return to Tetkafri
• Speak to the Cargomaster in Tarantia
• Locate the Sarcophagus
• Return to Cargomaster Laberius

Reward 7946
Tetkafri's Ankh

Quest Comment:
Tetkafri is found by Set's Needle in Khemi, near the Old Tarantia ship's captain.

The Stolen Sarcophagus Edit

Objective Edit

Speak to Issa.

Journal Entry Edit

Tetkafri, a priest of Set, has asked me to investigate the disappearance of a Sarcophagus from beneath the temple in Khemi. He is very interested in recovering the Sarcophagus, and told me to speak with Issa in the Souk about any 'unusual' cargo she might have shipped recently.

A Trail to Tarantia Edit

Objective Edit

Return to Tetkafri.

Journal Entry Edit

According to Issa, she has shipped an unusually large wooden crate to Tarantia recently. It must be the sarcophagus. I should return to Tetkafri and see what he wishes me to do next.

Tetkafri is waiting by Set's Needle to the east.

Questioning the Cargomaster Edit

Objective Edit

Speak to the Cargomaster in Tarantia

Journal Entry Edit

Tetkafri has demanded that I travel to Tarantia and interrogate the Cargomaster as to the whereabouts of the Sarcophagus. He said that if I do manage to find the tomb there will be little need for me to return to Stygia, he will make arrangements for the Cargomaster to ship the Sarcophagus and take care of my reward.

The Missing Crew Edit

Objective Edit

Locate the Sarcophagus.

Journal Entry Edit

Cargomaster Laberius had a chilling tale to share. The Lucky Gull, the ship which carried the Sarcophagus, has been sunk by her own crew after a frightening voyage where the captain and many of her crew disappeared mysteriously. Fortunately the cargo was retreived before the ship was burned to the waterline, and a wagoneer named Cantrixx took it off to the Outflow Tunnels.

Laberius has suggested that I search the Outflow Tunnels for the Sarcophagus, but has warned me to be wary of the gangs which run that territory.

Notes Edit

At this point, the quest switches from being an quest in the Outflow Tunnels to a quest in Khemi. The goal, however, is still within the Outflow Tunnels, at location 150, 135. This is also where Princess Akivasha's Diary is found, to begin the quest, The Woman Who Never Died.

The Open Sarcophagus Edit

Objective Edit

Return to Cargomaster Laberius

Journal Entry Edit

After fighting through a gang of Tarantian thugs, I have finally located the stolen Sarcophagus ... but the lid is open and whatever was inside is gone. I should return to the Cargomaster with the news, and warn him that his men might be in danger when they go to fetch it.

The Cargomaster should still be down at the docks where I left him.

Reward Edit

  • 7946 XP

49 93

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